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Sofair is reimaging the collaborative investment by enabling investors to build and operate a next-generation decentralized investment ecosystem anchored on blockchain and advanced crypto technology, and capable of challenging the major players in the finance and investment industry by aggregating a constellation of sharp, community-based skills.

Common values such as fairness, mutual aid, sharing, transparency, efficiency and meritocracy are the fundamental values of the Sofair ecosystem, that are set in stone in smart contracts, as a kind of algorithmic ethics.

As classical and digital finance are increasingly entwined with each other, the Sofair ecosystem provides a frictionless investment solution that leverages on both worlds, for more balanced returns and more mitigated risks.


Whether with crypto-assets or traditional financial instruments, most investors (80%) lose money.

Finance and economy are complex topics, leveraging on many disciplines, including maths, statistics, economy, social sciences, computer sciences, and more. Even seasoned investors and finance professionals hardly understand finance and investment.

Lack of financial knowledge and skills, inability to get access to relevant data or efficient investment tools, counterproductive behaviors during financial downturns, are some of the reasons that can explain the poor performance of many investors.

most investors lose money

In a fair and just economy and finance, we should all have access to resources and services we need to build a financially safe and stable life.

However, finance is unfair and injust, suffering of unacceptable predatory practices and insane concentration of wealth.

A new kind of collaborative finance with a new modus operandi, based on Berge equilibrium, rather than Nash-Cournot model, is a promising path to explore, the path to a fair finance.

finance is unfair and injust




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The Sofair tokens are locked for 24 months (i.e. cliff period). The Sofair ecosystem implements a non-linear (or graded) schedule to release the SOFAIR tokens (i.e. vesting period) when the cliff period is over. The duration of the vesting period is 12 months.

Such a graded cliff and vesting strategy for releasing Sofair tokens prevents investors from trading their tokens in one shot, that could joepardize the global supply stability of the Sofair ecosystem and impact negatively the SOFAIR token value due to a brutal release of a large number of tokens (i.e. token supply shock).

The vesting procedure being non-linear, in the future, so that for community members and investors to be able to follow in a real-time manner how Sofair tokens are vested, a Token Vesting Map will be published on this website starting Q3 2024, when the cliff period will be over.

token lock and release


The Sofair token supply is discretionary in the sense that it does not have a capped capitalization, but rather a Reference supply (with 400,000,000 SOFAIR tokens) that is normalized on the ecosystem's productivity.

Regarding the SOFAIR tokens that are intended to the Crew, it deserves a particular note, namely that:

  1. None of the tokens from the first Seed funding round are allocated to the Crew in order to stimulate their long-term commitment to the project.
  2. The Crew receives 15% of the Reference supply and cannot acquire (controlled by the Platform) additional tokens in the future, thus avoiding that they become whale wallets.

In other words, the majority of the Sofair tokens are held by the community!

token allocation

400,000,000 SOFAIR

reference supply (2025)

130,000,000 SOFAIR

boost funding SUPPLY (2025)

200,000,000 SOFAIR

growth funding SUPPLy (2024)

60,000,000 SOFAIR

seeD funding SUPPLY (2023)

10,000,000 SOFAIR

bootstrap funding SUPPLY (2022)


token supply




token type


token symbol

Sofair tokens are the native tokens for the Sofair ecosystem and are denoted by the ticker symbol SOFAIR.

Sofair tokens have multiple uses within the Sofair ecosystem, as both utility (i.e. access to services) and governance (i.e. voting) tokens, and are the unit of exchange for consuming and sharing services and monetizing competencies (i.e. incentives).

The Sofair token economy (or tokenomy) relies on a discretionary token supply which is normalized by the ecosystem's productivity: the more concrete functionalities there are, the more the interest of the users grows and therefore the more the SOFAIR token may become valuable. The growth of productivity of the Sofair ecosystem is financed by token sales and revenues from the use of investment applications and services.

In other words, the SOFAIR token supply is in-between a inflationary and deflationary model, adapting the number of tokens and how many of them are circulating inside the Sofair ecosystem in a real-time manner, according to the Sofair ecosystem's Platform equilibrium.

The SOFAIR token supply can be increased (i.e. minted) or decreased (i.e. burned and/or bought back) according to the ecosystem's dynamics and the productivity shocks (i.e. creation of valuable features impacting the SOFAIR token value positively). However, the SOFAIR token relies on ERC standard so that to design a multimodal token with inner inflationary protections (i.e. ensuring non-dilutive inflation for investors).

According to our tokenomy modelling (formalized using category theory and advanced algebraic methods), a reference supply of approximatively 400,000,000 SOFAIR tokens is an optimal value, that is the sum of the bootstrap, seed, growth and boost supplies. It is worth pointing out that the Sofair tokens allocation map is based on this reference supply.

token type and supply

The Sofair ecosystem operates as an incentive ecosystem where actors are rewarded with SOFAIR tokens in return for their contribution and the concrete value they provide to the ecosytem through their commitment. The Sofair ecosystem is meritocratic, relying on its community as a co-creator of values.

Contributors - People providing the Sofair ecosystem with their expertise and competencies in disciplines like finance, mathematics, or computer sciences. Contributors help building the features of the Platform and Applicative layers with the Crew (or core team).

Voters - The Sofair ecosystem is funded, owned, built and governed by its community, the latter deciding of new features through decentralized and democratic decision-making process, using the SOFAIR token as the governance support. The community is the boss!

Assistants - Seasoned people who help others become proficient with the concepts and functionalities of the Sofair ecosystem or other topics related to investing, finance or crypto-economy.

Affiliates - Influencers, bloggers, publishers or individuals who help evangelize and grow the Sofair ecosystem.

Users - People using the Sofair ecosystem's decentralized financial applications for investing their money. Minimal fees are charged on their benefits, that are mostly reinjected in the Sofair ecosystem. Consequently, the more their personal wealth and success increase, the more the overall value of the Sofair ecosystem (through its SOFAIR token) may grow, that benefit everyone!

Investors - People who support the Sofair ecosystem with financial means when investing in the Sofair project's funding rounds.



The Sofair ecosystem consists of 3 logical layers, namely the:

  1. BLOCKCHAIN, also called Layer 1 (or L1), provides the security and consensus protocol.
    The Sofair ecosystem is blockchain-agnostic, hence supporting several flavors of blockchain, such as, for instance, Ethereum, Polygon or Binance.
  2. PLATFORM is the foundation of the Sofair ecosystem, operating mostly off-blockchain, at Layer 2 (or L2), for efficiency reasons (no need for everything to be stored on the chain, except for proofs and proof checkers) and for leveraging on advanced technologies like quantum computing and distributed proof systems (e.g. Zero-Knowledge-Proof or STARK).
    Other vital ingredients that the Platform layer provides, that makes Sofair such a unique collaborative and fair finance ecosystem, are the innovative algorithms (based on Berge equilibrium) which constantly ensure that wealth is fairly redistributed inside the ecosystem, and that transactions do not compromise the ecosystem stability and integrity.
  3. APPLICATION is where all financial applications (e.g. decentralised investment solution) are hosted that leverage on Platform layer's altruistic features. Applications or services are mostly implemented off-chain, so that to ensure high troughput and leverage on advanced technologies like quantum computers and advanced cryptographic techniques (e.g. homorphic encryption or proof systems).

technical architecture



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J-P has a degree in economics, a Master in systems engineering and an MBA from INSEAD.

He was the managing director of a Swiss private bank, and a Director in several financial services companies.

J-P currently works for a Swiss financial technology group and advises fintech start-ups.

Banking and finance (advisor)


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Having first studied chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, then management and economics at Harvard Business School, Jakob is now top executive of a major multinational scientific instrumentation company located in Florida.

Jakob has extensive international business experience with a focus on strategic planning and execution.

Strategy and marketing (advisor)


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After studying quantum physics and computer sciences at Berkeley, Marc worked as a researcher (e.g. CERN, Nestlé, ...) and founded IT companies and startups.

He has over 30 years of experience in disciplines such as artificial intelligence, cryptography and theoretical computer sciences.



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Entrepreneur, investor and expert in crypto-assets since 2016.

He's the founder, in 2013, of, a successful investment platform in cryptos, with over 100 million dollars in volume.

He's an influent Youtuber with over 60,000 subscribers and 3 million views.

Crypto expert and investor

Jonathan NOWAK

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24 months

12 months

Token price:

Minimum investment:

Maximum investment:

tokens on sale:

Total capitalization:

cliff period:

Vesting period:







24 months

12 months

Token price:

Minimum investment:

Maximum investment:

tokens on sale:

Total capitalization:

cliff period:

Vesting period:

Basic offer

The funds received will be used as follows:

60% engineering (developers)

25% marketing & communication

10% partners (legal, accountant, ...)

5% infrastructure (cloud, ...)

intended use of capital raised

This Seed funding round (or ICO) proposes two capped investment offers, namely Basic and Premium.

The aim is to keep the promise of building a fair and affordable financial ecosystem to as many investors as possible, while at the same time, optimizing the chances of raising the requisite funds to implement the project as described in the Roadmap.

two CAPPED investment OFFERS

the SEED

The major objective of this funding round is to enrich the Investment application with unique and advanced features that can compete with the key players on the market.

This second productivity shock will prepare the ecosystem for the supply shock following the profit-taking of the first investors, who will want to sell part of their tokens acquired during the Seed funding round.

Q4 2024, the SOFAIR tokens that were issued in the Seed funding round are released and can be exchanged or sold.

boost funding round


As depicted in the Sofair project's Roadmap, this second funding round aims at growing the community (aggregating more expertise and competencies), improving the Platform and adding powerful new features to the Investment application (e.g. artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum data analytics and finance, and more).

In other words, this second funding round helps consolidating the foundations of the Sofair ecosystem and adding new dazzling new features to the Investment application. Such a productivity shock may increase the SOFAIR token's value.


growth funding round

The funds received are used for building the foundations of the Sofair ecosystem, namely the Platform, of which a minimal version will be delivered .

A minimal version of the Investment application will also be delivered Q3 2023, which will allow users to grow their SOFAIR tokens during the cliff period, via staking.


Seed funding rounD


Unlike most decentralized finance (DeFI) or crypto projects, that are backed by large venture capital firms, the Sofair project fiercely defends its financial independence by enabling only its community to invest in the project.

Leveraging on its consensual, decentralised and democratic governance model, as well as the altruistic modus operandi (based on Berge equilibrium) of its Platform, the Sofair ecosystem ensures a balanced distribution of wealth.

In fact, the Sofair project's vision and mission should not be the one dictated by whale wallets, but rather, by the commitment and contribution of actors to the Sofair ecosystem.


In order to ensure the Sofair project's longevity and vision, the Sofair project is, and will always be, exclusively funded by its community!

The community owns and governs the Sofair ecosystem. It provides the latter with the necessary financial means as well as leading competencies.

Vision and mission above all




self-regulated ecosystem

Crypto finance, be it centralised or not, requires strong regulatory rules and must thoroughly audit and formally (using formal methods) check financial protocols encoded in smart contracts. At the heart of the Sofair ecosystem's Platform layer, not only lie the Berge algorithms protecting against harmful behaviors, but also a powerful deontic logic engine for automated regulatory compliance checking.

In other words, the Sofair ecosystem aims at being compliant-by-design, providing the highest level of trust to users and investors in a trustless decentralized environment. Transactions inside the Sofair ecosystem's Platform layer will be constantly and automatically checked, so that to ensure that they do not joepardize the ecosystem stability in case some transactions would violate the strong ethical or functional (i.e. fairness, altruism, ...) values of the system.

Moreover, since its early infancy, the Sofair ecosystem enforces stringent procedures and technologies for preventing money laundering and verifying the identity of investors and the source of funds.

The Sofair ecosystem aims at being a self-organizing structure operated on the blockchain, without a central or omniscient governance. In other words, Sofair aims at being an adaptive structure with emergent properties.

The Sofair ecosystem's vision and mission will be shaped by its community, using smart contracts as a mean to enforce decisions and decide upon the ecosystem's future features in a collaborative, decentralized and democratic manner.

However, the Sofair ecosystem is not born ex-nihilo. It was bootstraped in 2022, as a centralized Loi 1901 French association and will seamlessly migrate to a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) Q2 2023 (see the project's Roadmap).

Autonomous STRUCTURE



How to contact us ?
By email at We invite you to first read the content of this FAQ to find an answer to your questions more quickly.
Do you have the AMF PSAN registration?
Sofair is not registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN) in France. The project is not live yet. Autonomous Organisation intends to become increasingly decentralised (as a DAO - Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). Sofair is not a financial intermediary and the Autonomy Association, nor the Sofair ecosystem own or manage the capital of its users.
Do you have the AMF Visa to establish this ICO?
The French AMF Visa is not mandatory. It is legal to launch an ICO in France without it. We have decided not to apply for it for this first Seed funding round (or ICO) as the process can be long and could push back the date of the fundraising by months.
When will the first minimal viable product (MVP) be available?
A first MVP is planned for the Q3-Q4 2023, where the project's investors will be able to test it and contribute to its evolution. Please refer to the Roadmap for more details


What is an ICO?
An ICO is an "Initial Coin Offering". This practice allows project leaders to finance their idea by raising funds. Each person invests a capital at the genesis of this project. In exchange, this investor receives a certain number of tokens (crypto tokens) of the project proportional to his investment.
What are the details on the Sofair Seed funding round (or ICO)?
The Seed funding round (or ICO) will start early December 2022, at 6:00AM(CET). Our goal is to raise €1 million to fund the minimal viable product (MVP) of the Platform and Investment application. The price per token is €0.020 when investing between €1,000 and €9,999.99 and only €0.015 (so you get 33% more tokens) when investing between €10,000 and €20,000. There will be two additional funding rounds in 2023 and 2024 (see the project's roadmap and funding sections).
When will the SOFAIR tokens be distributed?
The SOFAIR Token Genesis Event (i.e. creation and distribution of SOFAIR tokens) will take place 2 weeks after the Seed funding round (ICO) completed. Tokens are swapped to a vesting smart contract where the investor's wallet address is registered. We shall communicate the smart contract address to each investor.
How long will my SOFAIR tokens be locked? When can I use/transfer them?
The Seed funding round (or ICO) tokens are locked (i.e. cliff period) for 24 months. Once this cliff period has completed, the SOFAIR tokens will be vested (i.e. unlocked) in a non-linear manner during the following 12 months. During the cliff period the SOFAIR tokens can only be used inside the Sofair ecosystem as the latter will become transferable at completion of the cliff period.
How to validate your KYC procedure?
To learn how to perform the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedure, please refer to our tutorial.
What documents are accepted to validate your KYC procedure?
1/ A proof of identity
A valid national identity card or passport. You will also need to take a selfie (a picture of your face).
2/ Proof of address for those who want to invest 10'000€ or more
Such as an electricity or gas bill, a bank statement, an internet or landline telephone bill less than 3 months old.
How to invest in the Sofair ICO project?
Before investing in the Sofair ICO project, we invite you to carefully read the information published on the Web site and, if possible, the Geek Paper (technical), so that to invest with full knowledge of the facts. Then our introductory video tutorial.
What payment method can I use to invest?
Credit card, wire transfer or stable coins (only USDT network ETH ERC-20).
How can I be sure to be one of the investors?
1/ Validate your KYC procedure before the Seed funding round's opening.
2/ Prepare your payment method (i.e. credit card limit, IBAN, USDT).
3/ Be an early bird the D day, when the ICO is opened.
I would need help to transfer my funds to crypto, could you help me?
We have created a tutorial video to explain how to withdraw your funds from an exchange (Binance) platform as easily as possible in order to invest in the SOFAIR token. Please watch our video tutorial on this topic.
Can I invest in Sofair ICO in my country?
For regulatory compliance issues, some countries cannot be considered. Authorised countries are listed during the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedure.
How to be sure to avoid being scammed?
The only official site to invest on is
If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or during our live sessions which are held every Wednesday at 20:00PM(CET).
How long is the Seed funding round (ICO) lasting?
The Seed funding round (or ICO) is closed as soon as the target amount of 1 million euros is reached.
What are the risks of investing in the SOFAIR token?
It is possible to lose all or part of your capital.


SOME Answers


Your question was not answered in the Questions section above? Let us help you!
Either send us an email at or ask for a phone call from our support.
Click on one of the two buttons below and we'll be happy to help you.



Any investment carries a risk. You can lose all or part of your capital by investing in the Sofair project and the SOFAIR token. The Autonomy Association is not responsible for your potential losses or the theft of your digital assets.

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